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Another Successful 20-Inch Bubble-Tight Shutdown Everybody involved with the project was very happy with the EZ Valve install that Francois Houle and Chris Murphy completed in Magog, QC. 
20" Installation in Texas Successful 20" (500mm) EZ Valve installation for the U.S. Army at the Fort Bliss Military base in El Paso, Texas.

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EZ Valve is Now UL & NSF-61 Certified! As of November 7, 2014, the EZ Valve passed the UL/NSF-61 testing and is now certified. This makes the EZ Valve the only insertion valve in the world to be UL listed and certified.

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24" EZ Valve on Spiral Welded Pipe Another successful 24" EZ Valve Installation, this time on Spiral Welded pipe in Wilson, North Carolina. Installation performed by GOC South.

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EZ Valve Compatible with A/C Pipe Successful Asbestos Concrete (A/C) installation in Texas, adding yet another pipe material with which the EZ Valve works.

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Emergency Installation in Indiana An emergency 8" (200mm) EZ Valve installation in rural Indiana reveals massive tuberculation. The EZ Valve's resilient wedge gate powers through this obstacle as though it wasn't there. Creating a bubble tight seal and allowing vital line work to be completed.
Challenging EZ Valve Installation The need for a vertical EZ Valve installation calls for some creative thinking.

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EZ Valve in Tasmania 12" (300 MM) EZ Valve install in Tasmania performed by AVT Australia.

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United Water Installation 10" (250mm) EZ Valve fully installed (by United Water) in well under 2 hours.
Team Insert Valves - Don't Fall Into The Trap Debris will tend to collect in a recess and render a valve useless over time. Experienced water professionals have recognized this design flaw for decades.

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Thank You Hydra Tech Inc.! AVT Would like to thank Hydra Tech Inc. for making the EZ Valve their insertion valve of choice for almost 550 successful installations! Here's to 550 more, guys.

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14" (350mm) is Now on the Market. A New First for AVT and Hydro Tech! An over 100 year old water main in Malden, Massachusetts gets the first - and second 14" (350mm) EZ Valve installations.

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Historic Vacation Spots Have Water Emergencies Too A water main on picturesque Mackinac Island needed emergency work and Advanced Valve Technology was given the task. There was something very special about this 10" (250mm) EZ Valve™ insertion valve project -- tools, crew, valve fittings and support components needed to step back in time and use the methods of a bygone era.

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EZ Valve Installation in France 8" (200mm) EZ Valve installation on cast Iron pipe. The pipe was approximately 80 years old and was the main feed for the water treatment plant for Ingweiler, France.

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Record Breaking 24" (600mm) Installation Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. announces that we have recently installed 24” (600mm) EZ™ Valves on one of the main feeder lines for Ponca City, OK. All three installations were completed in 3 days - a new World Record for the installation of multiple, large range EZ Valve insertions.

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Simple Fix Makes Steel Pipe Insertions Possible This special sleeve is welded to a 16" (400mm) steel OD pipe to match the 17.40" OD of Ductile Iron pipes (442mm).  The sleeve allows us to use our standard gaskets rather than having to create custom gaskets!

Need an insertion valve or linestop on a steel pipeline?

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EZ Valve Videos & Features

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NEW as of 2015!
EZ™ Valve - 
One Technology, 
Two Functions - 
Valve Insertion &
EZ Introduction
EZ Insertion Valve
EZ Insertion Valve

Who's the best
when it comes to 

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How EZ Valves Work

Advanced Valve Technologies' insertion valves/line stopping
equipment are designed  and developed by
professionals. Service contracts are performed by highly
experienced technicians with real-world know-how.

Revolutionary DesignBlue ez2 cutaway nobg  

1    Actuator - works with standard turns
2    Removable Valve Bonnet - contains resilient 
      wedge and drive mechanism
3    Double Seal Gaskets - maintain system pressure
      and allow rotational milling
4    Fasteners - (stainless steel) secure assembly
5    Compatibility - EZ works with all common and
      many uncommon pipe materials (PVC, SDR, C-900, etc.)
6    Resilient Wedge - encases a ductile iron core
7    Integral Isolation Valve - permits “under pressure” installation
8    Insertion Slot - maintains pipe integrity and creates valve access
9    Castings - are precision machined ductile iron
10  Sacrificial Anode - provides cathodic protection

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First Out with New Sanitary Engineering in Sweden!

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AVT Performs EZ Valve Installations, Worldwide.

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Strasbourg, France 

  20-inch EZ™ Valve Installs on its Side

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