When Hydra Tech, Inc. (out of Sterling, Massachusetts) was contacted by Everett J. Prescott Company, they were looking for a solution to isolate a transmission main running through a major thoroughfare in Malden, Massachusetts. Being experienced installers of many EZ Valves™, EJP, the City and their engineers decided this would, once again, be the right tool for the job. As they did not own the larger size EZ Valve equipment EJP decided to hire Hydra Tech to perform the installs.

The 14” (350mm) size of this more-than-a-century-old pipe was, at the time, not yet available through Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. Never one to shy away from a challenge, AVT decided to round out their line of products and begin producing the 14” (350mm) EZ Valves™. Once all the valve components were manufactured, and rigorously tested at AVT's Elk Grove Village, IL facility, they were delivered to Hydra Tech, Inc. for installation. This was an approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery.

The delicate position of the main and the advanced age of the existing shut-off valves made this line nearly impossible to close down, should there be any installation problems, so all eyes were on the EZ Valve™ installation crew. Despite being the first time the two crews had performed a 14" (350mm) installation, both companies realized that anything short of perfection was not an option.

Hydra Tech’s crew, President and Owner of Hydra Tech - Don Smith Jr., crew foreman, Brendan Smith and Chris Murphy from AVT, Inc. all performed their jobs flawlessly and after just two, 4.5 hour days, the installations were complete with two 100% seals achieved!

The Engineers overseeing the job told Don Smith Jr. of Hydra Tech, "You guys are awesome, it could not have gone better!"

These two successful EZ installs bring, Hydra Tech’s total number of successful EZ Valve™ installs to 537 in under 5 years!