EZ Valve System

EZ™ Valve System

The EZ™ insertion valve system was developed to provide important performance and installation benefits to professionals working under difficult conditions and with critical needs, worldwide.

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Installation Fast and Convenient    
Both the final EZ assembly and the installation equipment kit have been developed to be lighter and more compact than alternative methods. The result: quick and sure installations in record times. It’s faster and easier, with fewer steps than older methods such as shutdowns and line stops.

Performance Meets Industry Standards
The ductile iron castings, corrosion resistant coatings, and stainless steel fasteners incorporated in the EZ system have been carefully chosen and tested to deliver reliable and trouble-free service. EZ materials meet AWWA C-509-09/C-515 standards.

Quality Precision Engineered
EZ components are manufactured and matched to deliver repeatable and dependable service. A complete insertion valve assembly can be created to meet your non-standard application or non-typical pipe material. Consult AVT for special projects.

Design Unique Concept
An EZ assembly maintains pipe integrity while providing an easy-to-install, easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt solution. The full encirclement ductile iron casting design, narrow access resilient wedge valve, integral isolation valve and removable bonnet deliver field-elective operating options.

Versatility One System, Two Functions
The “Take It or Leave It”SM valve bonnet feature provides the flexibility to either insert a permanent, high quality valve or temporarily use EZ for an economical and single excavation line stop.

Environment Single Excavation and Low Profile
EZ installs under pressure and in one excavation eliminating expensive multiple excavations. Faster installation times save man-hours while avoiding residential and business disruption to your system.

In comparison to traditional line stop equipment, EZ’s low-profile design usually permits plating over to keep traffic moving instead of requiring alternative routing and the attendant costs.

Installs in 3 Easy Steps:


  Place and Secure the precision
  machine valve body to the pipe.

   Mill the 1-5/8" (45mm) slot by
valve assembly and cutter
degrees across the to of the
(no coupon, all milling chips

  The integral isolation valve allows
  for removal of the cutter and the
  installation of the valve bonnet,
under full line pressure.

Remove bonnet and install cover
plate (under pressure) after use
as a line stop.



All steps are performed quickly, under pressure, in one excavation, and without
interruption of service.
And You decide – “Take it or Leave it”SM – The Valve Bonnet 
stays for a permanent valve insertion or it leaves for reuse after temporary line stop.

(16” installation shown above)

Download EZ Brochure


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