In early February Ferguson Waterworks was contacted by the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe, Water Department located in Lake Havasu, Ca. The Field Services Engineer, Julia Kane, found Ferguson Waterworks through Advanced Valve Technologies website. She was in need of an 8” insertion valve. After consulting with Julia, we formulated a solution that would meet the Tribes needs -  a customized lined and coated EZ™ Valve for a vertical 8” DIP suction wastewater header.

The valve was taken out of stock, disassembled, and shipped to Goodwest Rubber Linings. The castings were blasted to bare metal, rubber gaskets were taken off and stainless components and provided a Devoe 233H Bar Rust coating to protect the valve from the corrosive sewer application. The valve was then lubricated and reassembled.

The installation was performed vertically and completed in less than 2 hours! Ferguson Waterworks created a unique solution for the heavy weight of the valve bonnet. The valve body was supported by using an EBAA Iron split restraint under the valve. A pipe support was also placed on a coaster that followed the milling unit during the milling process. The customer was elated with the solutions Ferguson Waterworks provided them.


Ferguson installation