The easy answer is the EZ Valve™ by AVT.

Mishawaka Utilities in Indiana has installed seven (7!) AVT valves and -- The results have been Amazing!

In the past three years Mishawaka Utilities has installed seven AVT valves. The results have been amazing. Each valve installed has given them a complete shutdown when needed.

Water Utility Managers have the same sickening feeling about broken valves, and what to do w when a major artery of a distribution system has no way of being isolated.

AVT has made the answer easy for Mishawaka.

All seven valves were installed without any shutdown or disturbance of the distribution system.
Another problem: What if you do not have enough depth to install these vertically?
No problem for an EZ Valve™ -- They can be installed horizontally with a 90 degree gear to make normal actuation of the valve easy.

Mishawaka Utilities has now revitalized 5929 feet of 20-inch water main. A few more EZ Valves need to be installed on this line, but when all is said and done all 9000 feet of this main will have new valves and will make the staff of Mishawaka Utilities sleep a little easier knowing selected portions of this line can be isolated.

We are now in the process of purchasing the equipment to do 4”-12” EZ Valves ourselves.
In the early days of insertion valves there were many pretenders, but Mishawaka found the real thing with Advanced Valve Technologies and those in the know choose EZ Valve™.