Innovative! ... and Recognized by the Chicago Innovation Awards Judges
We’ve always known that EZ Valve™ packs in great features that make it the Best Insertion Valve we’ve ever seen. Now an independent panel has discovered the big benefits of EZ Valve’s™ many innovations and ranked it in the Top 50 Finalists out of thousands of entries. Watch one of our videos to see “Innovations in Action.“
EZ Valve™ technology completes successful trial by Yorkshire Water
... to help repair leaks and reduce supply interruptions.
AVT Europe Makes a Big Impression at Aquatech Amsterdam
Interest was strong for the EZ Valve™ line of insertion valves. Visitors not only were able to see first-hand the quality of the displayed cutaway samples and view actual installation videos, but also learn about the gas valve models in development.
Welcome Gothenburg Water!
Here's the first successful installation by Gothenburg Water since their purchase of our EZ Valve™ Equipment. After only one day of in house training, their engineers installed a four inch valve in just over an hour. Next they will be installing a twelve inch valve on a pipe that was installed in 1921 within the city centre. We’re delighted to welcome Gothenburg Water to the AVT family.
Barbados Waste Water Problem Solved Fast by AVT Crew
A 20-inch sewage line was in need of immediate attention. AVT prepped and tested an EZ Valve™, shipped the equipment and crew 2,604 miles, and performed a one-day install (AVT’s part being only about five hours) to fix a major problem. This successful project was completed in a 10-day turn-around from the first call for help.
AVT Featured in Water and Wastes Digest
20" Installation in Texas
Successful 20" (500mm) EZ Valve™ installation for the U.S. Army at the Fort Bliss Military base in El Paso, Texas.
24" EZ™ Valve on Spiral Welded Pipe
Another successful 24" EZ Valve™ Installation, this time on Spiral Welded pipe in Wilson, North Carolina. Installation performed by GOC South.
EZ Valve™ is Now UL Certified!
As of November 7, 2014, the EZ Valve™ passed the UL testing and is now certified. This makes the EZ Valve™ the only insertion valve in the world to be UL listed and certified.
EZ Valve™ Compatible with A/C Pipe
Successful Asbestos Concrete (A/C) installation in Texas, adding yet another pipe material with which the EZ Valve™ works.
Challenging EZ Valve™ Installation
The need for a vertical EZ Valve™ installation calls for some creative thinking.
EZ Valve™ in Tasmania
12" (300 MM) EZ Valve™ install in Tasmania performed by AVT Australia.
Team Insert Valves - Don't Fall Into The Trap
Debris will tend to collect in a recess and render a valve useless over time. Experienced water professionals have recognized this design flaw for decades.
Thank You Hydra Tech Inc.!
AVT Would like to thank Hydra Tech Inc. for making the EZ Valve™ their insertion valve of choice for over 600 successful installations! Here's to 600 more, guys.
14" (350mm) is Now on the Market. A New First for AVT and Hydra Tech!
An over 100 year old water main in Malden, Massachusetts gets the first - and second 14" (350mm) EZ Valve™ installations.
Historic Vacation Spots Have Water Emergencies Too
A water main on picturesque Mackinac Island needed emergency work and Advanced Valve Technology was given the task. There was something very special about this 10" (250mm) EZ Valve™ insertion valve project -- tools, crew, valve fittings and support components needed to step back in time and use the methods of a bygone era.
Record Breaking 24" (600mm) Installation
Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. announces that we have recently installed 24” (600mm) EZ Valves™ on one of the main feeder lines for Ponca City, OK. All three installations were completed in 3 days - a new World Record for the installation of multiple, large range EZ Valve™ insertions.
Simple Fix Makes Steel Pipe Insertions Possible
This special sleeve is welded to a 16" (400mm) steel OD pipe to match the 17.40" OD of Ductile Iron pipes (442mm). The sleeve allows us to use our standard gaskets rather than having to create custom gaskets!
Best by Design! AVT featured at ACE
“Lunch and Learns“ deliver valuable information, continuing education credits, and food!
Set-up a 90-minute to 2-hour presentation that will explain the features, benefits, and cost-saving advantages of EZ Valve™. AVT will either invite you to one of our service locations or bring the show to you! 2-Hours of CEU & PDH credits are earned with attendance. Contact AVT for details. Learn how you can deliver better and faster insertion valve services to your customers.
Training in the United Kingdom
Honolulu Welcomes The EZ Valve™… and it’s a Big One!
AVT has now performed its first EZ Valve™ installation in the islands.
What do you do with a 20-inch water main installed in 1912 that still has a lot of life left in it, but with not many functioning valves?
The easy answer is the EZ Valve™ by AVT. Mishawaka Utilities in Indiana has installed seven (7!) AVT valves and -- The results have been Amazing!

Latest News!

AVT Performs EZ Valve Installations, Worldwide.
AVT Performs EZ Valve Installations, Worldwide.
8" (200mm) EZ valve installation on cast Iron pipe. The pipe was approximately 80 years old and was the main feed for the water treatment plant for Ingweiler, France.
Another Successful 20-Inch Bubble-Tight Shutdown
Another Successful 20-Inch Bubble-Tight Shutdown
Everybody involved with the project was very happy with the EZ™ Valve install that Francois Houle and Chris Murphy completed in Magog, QC.
United Water Installation
United Water Installation
10" (250mm) EZ™ Valve fully installed (by United Water) in well under 2 hours.
Emergency Installation in Indiana
Emergency Installation in Indiana
An emergency 8" (200mm) EZ™ Valve installation in rural Indiana reveals massive tuberculation. The EZ™ Valve's resilient wedge gate powers through this obstacle as though it wasn't there. Creating a bubble tight seal and allowing vital line work to be completed.

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