AVT was asked to install insertion valves in the tight quarters under the small outdoor stairwell of the Melborne Arts Center (below).


The task seemed simple enough, install two, 8” (200mm) EZ Valves™ on 80º C (176º F) hot water lines and two, 10” EZ Valves™ on 6º C (42.8º F) chilled water lines. However, two of these pipes ran 4 inches from the ceiling, making a standard "rightside up" installation impossible.

upside down 3low





So we improvised.

upside down 1low    upside down 2low

We can now claim to be the experts at upside down EZ Valve™ installations.

rightside up 1low    rightside up 2low

We also developed some special tricks to remove swarf on the first 10” (250mm) and some engineering changes to the location of the chip flushes. Both worked perfectly.