Soquel Creek Water District successfully installed their second EZ™ Valve, this time on a 6-inch AC line once again demonstrating the versatility and compatibility of the AVT design. EZ™ Valve works great on a wide variety of pipe materials and the installs are fast and sure.

20in TexasSuccessful 20" (500mm) EZ Valve installation for the U.S.

Everybody involved with the project was very happy with the EZ Valve install that Francois Houle and Chris Murphy completed in Magog, QC. quebec installpic

24in NCAnother successful 24" EZ Valve Installation, this time on Spiral Welded pipe in Wilson, North Carolina. Installation performed by GOC South.

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A-C TexasSuccessful Asbestos Concrete (A/C) installation in Texas, adding yet another pipe material with which the EZ Valve works.

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Heavy_TubercAn emergency 8" (200mm) EZ Valve installation in rural Indiana reveals massive tuberculation. The EZ Valve's resilient wedge gate powers through this obstacle as though it wasn't there. Creating a bubble tight seal and allowing vital line work to be completed.

Ferguson VerticalThe need for a vertical EZ Valve installation calls for some creative thinking.

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Tasmania Australia12" (300 MM) EZ Valve install in Tasmania performed by AVT Australia.

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United Water 210" (250mm) EZ Valve fully installed (by United Water) in well under 2 hours.

Team Cutaway copy copyDebris will tend to collect in a recess and render a valve useless over time. Experienced water professionals have recognized this design flaw for decades.

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