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Revolutionary Design

• Actuator - works with standard turns
• Removable Valve Bonnet - contains resilient wedge and drive mechanism
• Double Seal Gaskets - maintain system pressure and allow rotational milling
• Fasteners - (stainless steel) secure assembly
• Compatibility - EZ works with all common and many uncommon pipe materials (PVC, SDR, C-900, etc.)
• Resilient Wedge - encases a ductile iron core
• Integral Isolation Valve - permits “under pressure” installation
• Insertion Slot - maintains pipe integrity and creates valve access
• Castings - are precision machined ductile iron
• Sacrificial Anode - provides cathodic protection

A water main on picturesque Mackinac Island needed emergency work and Advanced Valve Technology was given the task. There was something very special about this 10" (250mm) EZ Valve™ insertion valve project -- tools, crew, valve fittings and support components needed to step back in time and use the methods of a bygone era.

20" (500mm) EZ Valve™ installation on ductile iron pipe for the US Army - Ft. Bliss Military Base - in El Paso TX.

Working with Ft. Bliss Water Company and McCain Water Works Marketing, AVT installed the valve to be used as a control point on a 1 million gallon ground storage tank.

The end result was a bubble tight seal which took only 6 hrs to complete.

Fort Bliss

The EZ™ Valve insertion valve system, originally designed for water, sewage and manufacturing use, has been adapted to provide a new valve solution for the gas distribution industry.     

In conjunction with Cadent, formally National Grid, in the UK, AVT tackled the task of creating new gas insertion valves that now deliver the same great performance and cost-savings benefits of the EZ Valve. The careful process of re-design, prototyping, testing, refinement, and finalizing of the component parts is now complete. Two field trials have been successfully accomplished in the UK with the same fast, secure and economical installation features expected of an AVT product.

See what the New EZ Valve-NG has to offer.

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Field Test 1

















Field Test 2


UL-NSFAs of November 7, 2014, the EZ Valve passed the UL/NSF-61 testing and is now certified. This makes the EZ Valve the only insertion valve in the world to be UL listed and certified.

Click to download UL Notice of Completion