usaf logoWhen Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. got the chance to introduce the EZ Valve™ installation procedure to an Air Force Base crew, the results were eye-opening. In one eight-hour day, the military team not only completed the classroom course, they also went on to install (under pressure) three live insertion valves on the base. The team was so impressed with the EZ system they sent a follow-up letter complimenting AVT and pointing out that a single installation of a competitor’s valve took a full day’s work.

avt moodyletter

"...classroom formal training (and) three valve insertions in less than 8 hours."




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When an auto accident severly damages a fire hydrant, Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. is called in to install two EZ valves and (quickly) saves the day.

avt dennisbowe letter

"...Installation time for two 12" (300mm) valves was less than 3 hours and
shutdown of a 50 year old pipe was drip tight."



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Additional Testimonials:

“Take it from me, I’ve been in the water and sewer industry for many years, and have fixed many water leaks on the fly. Before your contractor or town gets the third pump going, an AVT EZ Valve can be cut in to stop the water. EZ Valve is the fastest, strongest permanent valve insertion/line stopping system on the market.”

Southern Underground Services, Inc.
Calumet City, IL
Anthony Giglio
Ph. 708.417.4222


“The EZ Valve is a true valve after it’s installed, unlike others.”

City of Colchester, CT.
Phil Gaudette
Ph. 860.537.7288


“I’m particularly impressed with the ease of installation and the quality of the end product, it can’t be beat!”

Bourne Water District
Pocasset, MA
Ralph Marks
Ph. 508.563.2294


EZ Valve is like the 8th wonder of the water world.”

Decatur Water Utility
Decatur, IN
Jim Inskeeper
Ph. 260.724.3814


EZ Valve sure beats the old method called line stopping, with only one excavation needed.”

City of Valparaiso, IN
Chuck McIntire
Ph. 219.462.6174


“Day to day headaches are gone since an EZ Valve was installed to separate an old water main from our downtown area, until money is available for replacement.”

City of Celina, OH
Mike Sudman
Ph. 419.586.2270


“The EZ Valve training is as easy as installing, it’s great support with true value when done.”

City of Dayton, OH
Wayne Simpson
Ph. 937.333.4900


"I would recommend EZ Valve for any water system, our installation saved 100,000 gallons of processed water a day from an older water main waiting for replacement while keeping our customers in service.”

American Water Co.
Newcastle, PA
Mark Smith
Ph. 724.654.4180