AVT Tapping Machines™

Water, Gas & Sewer Applications

avt tapping machine 312


312 Tapper
The 312 Tapping Machine (hot tapping/wet tapping) has a unique design that allows you to make pressure, side or hot taps on any common pipe. Whether it’s on water or gas, taps can be made with unrivaled reliability and accuracy. Weighing approximately 60 (27.21kg) pounds, our tapping machine can easily be operated by a single user. The tapping machine has carbide cutting teeth for fast, accurate cutting on steel, cast iron, AC, PVC or PE. The tapping machine can also be used with an air or hydraulic motor. Available in 4”-20” (101.6mm-508mm) with a 250 PSI (17.2 BAR) rating.

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avt tapping machine 412412 Tapper
Standard features of the 412 Tapping Machine (hot tapping/wet tapping) are: CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum alloy components that provide strength with reduced weight, corrosion resistant side shafts are graduated for easy reference. The hard chrome plated 2” (50.8mm) dia. drive shaft improves durability and resists corrosion. A manual feed hand wheel is independent of rotation giving the operator fingertip control. All seals, bearings and O-rings are standard size for ease of replacement. The tapping machine has a drilling capacity of 4”-20” (101.6mm-508mm). Models available in 25” and 36” (635mm and 914.4mm) lengths. The AVT 412 tapping machine is rated to 500 psi (34.4 BAR).

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