A-C installation

Two, 12" (300mm) EZ™ Valves were installed for Tasmania Water. Both went in smoothly and sealed 100% much to the customer's satisfaction.

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In early February Ferguson Waterworks was contacted by the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe, Water Department located in Lake Havasu, Ca. The Field Services Engineer, Julia Kane, found Ferguson Waterworks through Advanced Valve Technologies website. She was in need of an 8” insertion valve. After consulting with Julia, we formulated a solution that would meet the Tribes needs -  a customized lined and coated EZ™ Valve for a vertical 8” DIP suction wastewater header.

The valve was taken out of stock, disassembled, and shipped to Goodwest Rubber Linings. The castings were blasted to bare metal, rubber gaskets were taken off and stainless components and provided a Devoe 233H Bar Rust coating to protect the valve from the corrosive sewer application. The valve was then lubricated and reassembled.

The installation was performed vertically and completed in less than 2 hours! Ferguson Waterworks created a unique solution for the heavy weight of the valve bonnet. The valve body was supported by using an EBAA Iron split restraint under the valve. A pipe support was also placed on a coaster that followed the milling unit during the milling process. The customer was elated with the solutions Ferguson Waterworks provided them.


Ferguson installation


Recently, Paul Bateman at AVT Australia was asked to install insertion valves in the tight quarters under the small outdoor stairwell of the
Melborne Arts Center (below).


The task seemed simple enough, install two, 8” (200mm) EZ™ Valves on 80º C (176º F) hot water lines and two, 10” EZ™ Valves on 6º C (42.8º F) chilled water lines. However, two of these pipes ran 4 inches from the ceiling, making a standard "rightside up" installation impossible.

upside down 3low





So we improvised.

upside down 1low    upside down 2low

We can now claim to be the experts at upside down EZ™ Valve installations.

rightside up 1low    rightside up 2low

We also developed some special tricks to remove swarf on the first 10” (250mm) and some engineering changes to the location of the chip flushes. Both worked perfectly.

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The Team/Occlude insertion valve is known within the industry for its recessed valve seat. While Team claims that they have a superior insertion valve product because their gate seats on a fresh casting just like a standard valve, the truth is far from positive. What they do not describe accurately is that the recess is almost 3” (76.mm) deep on the 4”/6” (100mm/200mm) valves and about 5” (127mm) deep on 12” (400mm) valves.

Cutaway 2
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Debris will tend to collect in a recess and render a valve useless over time. Experienced water professionals have recognized this design flaw for decades.


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It is a proven fact that depressions can, and often do, collect stones and other debris that prohibits the resilient wedge gate from properly closing. Not only does the Team valve include this debris trap, but they have also made it deeper than prior discarded designs -- designs that did not meet with success in the valve industry. The current Occlude design with a recessed valve seat is not a new wave of valve insertion configuration. The concept was implemented and discarded many years ago.

Future failure is almost inevitable with the Team valve. It is not a case of will it happen, but when will it happen.

The Occlude Team has a slick animation and their resilient wedge gate seating on the casting instead of the host pipe seems attractive. This would be acceptable… except for the very deep recess. The result: in theory, the Team valve sounds great; in practice, it hasn’t worked well and does not compare favorably with EZ™ Valve performance and long-term operation.

Debris will fall and collect in the recess during day-to-day operation of a distribution system including general usage, main breaks, fires, hydrant flushing, etc. This propensity is why no other major valve manufacturer uses a recess for sealing. In the mid 1980’s, when RW valves were first introduced, every one of them had a recess. In response to problems with sealing and complaints from customers, all major manufacturers redesigned their valves and removed the recesses.

All it will take is for a Team valve to be backed out (opened) three-quarters of a turn to render the valve as “not sealing”. Three-quarters of a turn can equate to approximately 3/8 of an inch (9.5mm) of debris in the recess. With 3/8 of an inch (9.5mm) opening (not sealing), there will be as much as a half the ID of the pipe filled with water blowing out.

For any valve that is clearly a Big, Big Problem.

The Solution

The EZ™ Insertion Valve/Line Stopping equipment completely avoids the potential for this type of critical failure by having our patented gate seal against the inner surface of the resident pipe (even in heavily turberculated pipe).

EZ™ Positive Results
• No Built-In Trap
• No Debris Collection to Block Closure
• No Worries about Future Failure

The Results

Think about it. Even if a debris trapping valve works the first time, what about subsequent uses? Additionally, a pipeline manager knowing there is a valve inline would have hope (and confidence) that he could control the line with that valve. With the high rate of failure of the Team valve, this becomes a false hope that could lead to a dangerous situation. Also, any time after the excavation is closed and the site is restored, a blocked or damaged non-sealing valve will require major expense to correct. Based on the high potential for debris related failure this becomes a false hope.

EZ™ Needs No Correction.

It was designed and built right the first time.
Compact, fast to install, reliably designed and with tuberculation-busting ruggedness, the family of EZ™ insertion valves has tens of thousands of successful installations worldwide to back its claims. EZ Valves have documented applications for a wide range of pipe materials including many with irregular geometries. Many of the largest and most respected valve installation companies in the world have come to rely upon the EZ™ system.

There are municipalities that will no longer allow the installation of the Team Occlude Valve. One high profile former client of the Team Occlude Valve and now an EZ™ Valve supporter is Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta, GA. After head-to-head comparative tests the Team valve has been excluded from further work at the Air Force Base. EZ™ is now their insertion valve system of choice. (See our website for a facsimile of the Moody letter describing this decision.)

ezvalve team1ezvalve team2

ezvalve team3ezvalve team4ezvalve team5

EZ CutawayIt has become common practice for the manufactures of the EZ™ Valve to take Team insertion valve equipment on trade-in for EZ™ installation equipment. Even with a controlled environment, AVT has observed that the Team Valve rarely delivers a bubble tight shut down.

The most obvious and appreciated benefit of the EZ™ Valve system is the speed of their under pressure installation. On a regular basis three EZ™ Valves are installed in a day and as many as eight have been completed in one workday.  Finally, there is the subject of thrust restraint problems with any totally severed pipeline such as the Team model. Team uses EBBA Iron Mega Lugs (a great product), but EBBA refuses to back up any claims when failures arise leaving the customer on his own for thrust restraint. Team also claims that they can seal on A/C pipe. This is in contrast with EBBA Iron as they plainly state that they do not make products for A/C pipe due to the unstable nature of that material. It is important to note that EBAA Iron will not warrant any product in association with the Team valve.

EZ™ Valve’s design advantages allow for easier site preparation, very reliable performance, and the versatility to work with most common and many un-common pipe materials in a wide range of sizes.

The unsurpassed sealing capabilities of the EZ Valve - even in heavily turberculated pipe - is one of the many reasons that the EZ™ Valve is regularly chosen over its competitors.

The officers at AVT have 75 years’ experience in the water industry and 19 patents for under pressure equipment (AVT’s personnel have an additional 100 plus years’ experience). Furthermore, AVT has had the opportunity in the past to purchase the Occlude design but declined due to the recess and thrust restraint issues.

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Coming Soon

When Hydra Tech, Inc. (out of Sterling, Massachusetts) was contacted by Everett J. Prescott Company, they were looking for a solution to isolate a transmission main running through a major thoroughfare in Malden, Massachusetts. Being experienced installers of many EZ™ Valves, EJP, the City and their engineers decided this would, once again, be the right tool for the job. As they did not own the larger size EZ Valve equipment EJP decided to hire Hydra Tech to perform the installs.

The 14” (350mm) size of this more-than-a-century-old pipe was, at the time, not yet available through Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. Never one to shy away from a challenge, AVT decided to round out their line of products and begin producing the 14” (350mm) EZ™ Valves. Once all the valve components were manufactured, and rigorously tested at AVT's Elk Grove Village, IL facility, they were delivered to Hydra Tech, Inc. for installation. This was an approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery.

The delicate position of the main and the advanced age of the existing shut-off valves made this line nearly impossible to close down, should there be any installation problems, so all eyes were on the EZ™ Valve installation crew. Despite being the first time the two crews had performed a 14" (350mm) installation, both companies realized that anything short of perfection was not an option.

Hydra Tech’s crew, President and Owner of Hydra Tech - Don Smith Jr., crew foreman, Brendan Smith and Chris Murphy from AVT, Inc. all performed their jobs flawlessly and after just two, 4.5 hour days, the installations were complete with two 100% seals achieved!

The Engineers overseeing the job told Don Smith Jr. of Hydra Tech, "You guys are awesome, it could not have gone better!"

These two successful EZ installs bring, Hydra Tech’s total number of successful EZ™ Valve installs to 537 in under 5 years!



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A water main on picturesque Mackinac Island needed emergency work and Advanced Valve Technology was given the task. There was something very special about this 10" (250mm) EZ™ insertion valve project – tools, crew, valve fittings and support components needed to step back in time and use the methods of a bygone era.

The quaint Michigan tourist destination island is the home of about 400 permanent residents who, at the height of vacation season, can host as many as 15,000 visitors per day. Situated on Lake Huron just east of the straits that connect it with Lake Michigan, Mackinac Island retains many links to a gentler time including a restriction on motor vehicles. Only emergency and selected support vehicles are permitted leaving horse-drawn vehicles, saddles, bikes, and shoe-leather as the preferred choices for travel.

To reach the install location for a needed valve, the AVT team, their components and toolkit caught one of the many scheduled ferries that cross the waters from the mainland to a shoreline dock. From there it was time for Dobbin. A flatbed wagon drove the payload and the two-man crew a few miles to the work site. Once there, due to the efficiency of the EZ™ Valve system, everything went according to plan.

The local water department had completed the excavation that exposed the host pipe at the desired install point. Fortunately the EZ™ Valve system is very compact and needs a much smaller excavation than other systems. Preparation of the section (cleaning and marking the gasket locations) was typically quick and easy. Placement of the lubricated gasket sets on low-friction tape bands applied to the pipe preceded the installation of the valve body castings. Once the body components were assembled the milling machine and control equipment were temporarily attached to the body and a milled slot was cut into a 120-degree arc across the top of the pipe. This and other installation procedures are completed under pressure and with the complete removal of all pipe chips. After the slot-access created the entrance for the patented resilient wedge gate, the valve bonnet was attached and the job finished.

The milled slot-access design of the EZ™ Valve system means that no special pipe restraint is required, and therefore, no additional digging and prepping for, now unnecessary, concrete work. Host pipe integrity is never compromised, as the line is never severed by dropping a coupon. Finally, a big, big advantage of the EZ™ is its built-in isolation gate that allows for easy under-pressure installation. No bulky, costly and hard to manage separate isolation component is needed that requires additional lifting equipment and much more time. Also, when used as a temporary line-stop, the valve's bonnet may be quickly removed for reuse elsewhere and a blind flange installed in its place. The EZ™ Valve system converts quickly with only a few simple hand tools.

Conditions in a deliberately quaint environment like Mackinac Island highlight some of the very important advantages that make the EZ™ Valve system valve so valuable. Many time-consuming and costly procedures required by other valve systems are totally eliminated and a location that restricts motorized vehicles emphasizes the major savings the simplified installation delivers.

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