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For more information about the EZ Insertion Valve/Line Stopping System, please contact Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc.

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800 Busse Road
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: 847.364.3700
Toll Free: 877.489.4909
F: 847.364.8883

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Plant 2
12601 Homan Avenue
Blue Island, IL 60406

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34 Important advantages EZ™ Insertion Valves/Line Stopping Equipment have over traditional methods.
Better performance at every phase of your job.

    1. Single excavation (compare to traditional line stopping)
    2. Smaller excavation (compact design, easier milling operation, and smaller crew)
    3. No community involvement (no shut downs requiring notifications and remedial work)
    4. No coordinated scheduling required
    5. Shorter lead times

Equipment Investment
    6. 40% lower cost valve kit
    7. No special isolation unit to purchase and install (isolation valve is built-in)
    8. No large coupon-cutting equipment needed
    9. Simpler, less expensive lifting equipment required

    10. Lighter and smaller tool kit
    11. Smaller truck or van needed
    12. Fewer men in crew
    13. Less specialized equipment needed
    14. Lower fuel costs
    15. Lower (or no) crew lodging costs (based on speed of installation)
    16. Reduced labor costs

Pipeline Integrity
    17. Only one pipe length effected
    18. No severing of the line
    19. No expensive restraint required

    20. One half-day session for any crew
    21. Live demo may be scheduled

    22. Right angle actuators are available
    23. Wide range of sizes offered

Installation (self or by AVT)
    24. Fastest system available (under pressure installations)
    25. Standardized milling machine is lightweight and compact
    26. Cutters are field replaceable and readily available
    27. Installation by AVT trained crews is offered

System Impact/Site Traffic
    28. Low profile allows for plating over of excavation in traffic areas
    29. Speed of install reduces disruptions

Special Circumstances
    30. Unusual pipe materials can be addressed
    31. Irregular dimension are not a problem
    32. Custom applications are not prohibitive

Follow-up Alterations (Versatility)
    33. Valve bonnet may be easily removed and re-used at another site
    34. Minimal tools (just wrenches) are required to operate isolation valve, remove bonnet and plate over the docking surface

Advanced Valve Technologies' Insertion Valve/Linestopping, Hot Tapping and Curb Stop products are designed and developed by professionals for professionals. Service contracts are performed by highly experienced technicians with real-world know-how.

EZ™ Insertion Valve System

The EZ™ system is a unique Valve Insertion/Linestopping design that meets all material and performance expectations while delivering a compact and fast alternative to traditional Valve Insertion methods. It was developed to provide important performance and installation benefits (under pressure installations) to professionals working under difficult conditions and with critical needs. Sizes 4” (100mm)-14” (350mm), 16” (400mm), 20” (500mm) and 24" (600mm).


Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT) introduces the new Curb-Stop (Patent Pending) mechanical in-line Wet Tapping line stopping system for use on water, gas and mechanical/industrial applications. Curb Stop is offered in multiple sizes for use on water, gas, and industrial applications using steel or copper type K & L services. 

AVT Tapping Machines

Advanced Valve Technologies Tapping Machine features a unique design that allows you to make pressure, side or hot tapping on any common pipe. Consult AVT for complete information.     

Field Installations

AVT experts can provide complete installation services wherever needed worldwide. 


Training of your personnel may be accomplished at AVT headquarters or at your organization's chosen site.


Advanced Valve Technologies' insertion valves/line stopping equipment are designed and developed by professionals for professionals. Service contracts are performed by highly experienced technicians with real-world know-how.

Blue ez2 cutaway nobg

Revolutionary Design

  1. Actuator - works with standard turns.
  2. Removable Valve Bonnet - contains resilient wedge and drive mechanism.
  3. Double Seal Gaskets - maintain system pressure and allow rotational milling.
  4. Fasteners - (stainless steel) secure assembly.
  5. Compatibility - EZ works with all common and many uncommon pipe materials (PVC, SDR, C-900, etc.).
  6. Resilient Wedge - encases a ductile iron core.
  7. Integral Isolation Valve - permits “under pressure” installation.
  8. Insertion Slot - maintains pipe integrity and creates valve access.
  9. Castings - are precision machined ductile iron.
  10. Sacrificial Anode - provides cathodic protection.