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8" (200mm) EZ Valve™ installation on cast Iron pipe. The pipe was approximately 80 years old and was the main feed for the water treatment plant for Ingweiler, France.

Everyone was quite pleased and impressed with the outcome and plans were made to do more EZ Valve™ installations.

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AVT representative for France:
Luc Bade of Guterman S.A.R.L.
26 Rue Des Chasseurs, F-67300 Schiltigheim
FR 01533468245, France.
Ph: 33-0-3-90-22-27-40.
Fax: 33--0-3-90-22-27-49.

A unique insertion valve design has made a big difference for crews that work on iron, plastic, ductile, AC and other common pipe materials. Preparation and install times have been reduced and total cost per valve has been improved by a tested and efficient concept: a slot access resilient wedge gate that doesn't sever the line, doesn't cause restraint problems and provides a simpler and easier procedure.

Until recently this slot-access insertion valve hadn't been applied to a steel pipeline (in sizes over 12" (300mm)) due to the differences in OD of steel sizes as compared to most other pipe materials. A simple solution was devised by manufacturing custom steel saddles to create a welded-on "sleeve." The sleeve is composed of half-cylinder sections that bring the OD dimension into agreement with other pipe materials and permits the use of standard gaskets sets.

Once the new enhanced diameter section is completed, the valve insertion process takes three simple steps. First, the pipe section is wrapped with low-friction tape, the gasket set is thoroughly lubricated, and the valve castings are secured to the pipe section. Second, the temporarily mounted milling machine, guide controls, and chip-flush system are attached and used to create a 120-degree access slot in the host pipe. Third, the temporary equipment is removed, the valve bonnet is attached, the fittings are torqued to final values, and the valve is actuated as needed. If used as a line stop, the valve bonnet may be easily replaced with a blind flange at a future time. The bonnet is then available for other use.

The entire process may be completed under pressure and with no interruption of service. An internal isolation slide valve that is built into every EZ Valve™ avoids procedures common to other insertion valve designs. These include the need for a bulky and costly separate isolation system, the heavy-lifting equipment needed to repeatedly apply and remove the isolation device, plus the extended time required for the multiple change-outs.

Steel pipeline insertion valves can now be installed with the economy, speed, convenience, and reliability that other pipe materials have enjoyed. Typical valve install times are about one hour for smaller sizes (up to 12" (300mm)) and four hours for 14" (350mm), 16" (400mm), 20" (500mm), 24" (600mm). As is true with all other pipe materials, costly restraint operations are avoided due to a design that maintains the integrity of the pipe by not requiring dropping a coupon that totally severs the host pipe.

For details about slot-access insertion valves, contact Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc (877-489-4909 or and ask about the EZ line of valves serving 4" (100mm) through 12" (300mm), 14" (350mm), 16" (400mm), 20" (500mm) and 24" (600mm) nominal sizes.

This sleeve was developed to adapt 16" (400mm) steel OD pipe (16.00) to DI OD pipe 17.40. It is welded to the 16" (400mm) steel pipe, making the OD 17.40. This allows us to use our standard gaskets.

Our first three installations (2 on steel pipe and one on ductile iron pipe) have performed perfectly.

Now steel pipelines can benefit from a tested and advanced insertion valve design that has become the favored choice of water professionals.

avt steelsleeve1avt steelsleeve2avt steelsleeve3avt steelsleeve4
Left to Right:
Sleeve is welded to existing pipe; Valve body is secured in place; 120° slot is cut across top of pipe; Cutting tool is removed and bonnet is lowered into place; Bonnet is secured onto valve body.

The City of Ponca City faced a real problem. They needed to install several (3) 24" (600mm) valves in their main feed pipeline. The City knew that if they had a main break on the main transmission pipe that most of the City would be without water and fire protection.

The City explored several options. The first being a traditional shutdown, but the area would be too great, notification of the public would be expensive, boil orders would have to be made and the threat of businesses and lack of fire protection would be a nightmare!

The 2nd option was line stopping the main, but this proved more costly and more time consuming as it would take at least be a week, also there would still be customers out of service and 6 more excavations would be required, due to thrust restraint issues.

The City of Ponca City then asked their main supplier of Distribution products, HD Supply (Formerly Water Products) if they knew of a solution for installing the (3) 24" (600mm) valves without loss of their water supply and fire protection? HD Supply is the exclusive distributor for Advanced Valve Technologies, Inc. (AVT) EZ Valve™ system. HD Supply sells and performs services for utilities and businesses in pipe sizes 4"-12" (100mm-300mm).

Since the City of Ponca City's problem pipe was larger then HD Supply had equipment for they recommended that the City hire AVT to perform the service. The City of Ponca City decided to install (3) 24" (600mm) EZ Valves™ to control their main feed pipes. By installing the (3) valves they could then control their water supply with no loss of service or fire protection to their customers.

Darwin Haney, Utility Maintenance Superintendent of Ponca City, stated that "By using the EZ Valve™ Insertion system, the City saved a tremendous amount of trouble. There were no press releases to issue to the public, no loss of fire protection and no loss of service at any time during the (3) 24" (600mm) EZ™ Valve Insertions".

Kevin Murphy, The President of AVT states that “Installing (3) 24” (600mm) EZ Valve™ insertions in three days is a new World Wide record”! It was determined that if the City lost the feed on this line, a large section of town would have been without water, so there could be no problems allowed. “By installing the EZ Valves™ in their distribution system and there was no effect on their day to day operations", stated Chris Murphy, the AVT Field Supervisor. “It was amazing as to the speed and ease of installation that both the City Maintenance personnel and the AVT crew working together achieved", Murphy stated.

The end product is an AWWA material specified valve,with the same number of turns as a standard valve, Ductile Iron castings, EPDM rubber gaskets and RW Gate. Stainless Steel fasteners are the standard with the EZ™ Valve.

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