Advanced Valve Technologies' insertion valves/line stopping equipment are designed and developed by professionals for professionals. Service contracts are performed by highly experienced technicians with real-world know-how.

Blue ez2 cutaway nobg

Revolutionary Design

  1. Actuator - works with standard turns.
  2. Removable Valve Bonnet - contains resilient wedge and drive mechanism.
  3. Double Seal Gaskets - maintain system pressure and allow rotational milling.
  4. Fasteners - (stainless steel) secure assembly.
  5. Compatibility - EZ works with all common and many uncommon pipe materials (PVC, SDR, C-900, etc.).
  6. Resilient Wedge - encases a ductile iron core.
  7. Integral Isolation Valve - permits “under pressure” installation.
  8. Insertion Slot - maintains pipe integrity and creates valve access.
  9. Castings - are precision machined ductile iron.
  10. Sacrificial Anode - provides cathodic protection.