avt sweden1ÖRKELLJUNGA Professionals and staff from several municipalities were on Tuesday place in Örkelljunga. They came to be part of Sweden premiere of a new, time-saving sanitary engineering.

Curiosity was great and had been given a boost with an instructional video. Now everything appeared in a critical situation on the municipal water supply line at Hässleholmsvägen.

Karl-Gustav Svensson and his colleagues at Örkelljunga Municipality Water Utility was faced with the task to install a valve on an older drinking water management.

"Normally we would in this case have turned off the water for 148 subscribers with all that implies in time and labor. With the new technology, we will in 45 minutes to six hours otherwise be able to mount an on and off valve under full pressure, then without turning off the water," he says.

The current water supply is from the 1950s, is situated on nearly two meters deep embedded in the sand and looks remarkably safe and sound out.

On-site staff for the task was Joseph van der Zee, as the company Advanced Valve Technologies Inc has a European agency for the American product.

As always it is a question of cost. The technique is as Patrik Waak from Ahlsell double as expensive as the traditional way, but it will depend on how you count.

Takes man with everything around work so it will still be a good deal for the customer, says Joseph van der Zee.avt sweden2

Mikael Svantesson has come from Alingsås to form an opinion about the technology is the right one to solve a water problem in the municipality.

"We have leadership from the water tower that lacks shut-off and we want to insert. Good to then not have to turn off water to thousands of subscribers," he said.

According to Andreas Carlberg from the company Ibeco, which has the agency in Sweden, the technology has been around for four to five years.

"The US has done 35 000 installations. We believe in 20 to 25 during the first year in Sweden."

But he has no doubt that the market is bigger than that.

"There is a lot of old wiring and right side of Sweden is understaffed, so you have time to not always having to go out and exercise valves because rusting," says Andreas Carlberg.